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2016  Xinshi shares listed on the New Third Board, and Xinshi Membrane Subsidiary was established
2017  The second-phase plant of Xinshi Membrane was completed, covering an area of 80 mu, with an annual production capacity of 2 million square meters
2018  Won the talent award of "Green Yang Golden Phoenix Plan"
          Completely replace foreign imports and have been successfully applied in many domestic sewage treatment projects
2019  Obtained the Yangzhou City Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Project
          Launched "XS-MS" and "XS-T" series of membrane products and equipment, making a major breakthrough in the application of high-salt wastewater
2020  Participated in the drafting and publication of the national standard for ceramic membranes for water treatment (GB/T39717-2020)
          Obtained the "Hygiene License Approval for Domestic Drinking Water Hygiene Safety Products in Jiangsu Province"
          Obtained Jiangsu Provincial New Product Appraisal

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Manager Zhang:018652587352
Manager Pan:015394638968
Manager Yang:015895721299
Email: 415805041@qq.com
Address: Xinshi Road, Shaobo Industrial Park, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province

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